Activities in Kilindoni

Butiama Beach

Our sister property, Butiama Beach, is situated around 10 minutes’ drive away from Bustani B&B. It enjoys a beachfront location with white, sandy beaches and an uninterrupted view of the Indian Ocean.

Butiama Beach offers a range of activities, some are within the Marine Park boundaries and others are not. Activities can be arranged through the Manager at Bustani B&B the previous day and guests can even enjoy lunch at Butiama after their activities before returning back to Bustani.

Transfers are arranged daily for guests wishing to partake in activities at Butiama Beach.


Explore the underwater world from the surface of the water! A great trip for all experience levels.

Enjoy discovering all of the sea life that the area has to offer. With an experienced guide, you will travel to one of the many locations available for snorkelling in the area.

Your guide will give you a short introduction to using the equipment (if you are new to snorkelling), then take you into the water to show you the many different species that the area has to offer.

Sandbank Picnics

A must-do trip for anyone visiting Mafia Island! There are many remote sandbanks and beaches in the area offering stunning scenery of white sand and turquoise blue waters.

Start with a leisurely trip in the boat to the sandbank. Enjoy snorkelling on the nearby reefs with colourful corals and a variety of fish species. Then relax on the beach whilst our guides create a shaded area and start the fire to cook the fish. Take a swim in the clear calm water, and enjoy another snorkel in the nearby reef, then, for lunch, take a picnic on the sandbank with fire-cooked fish, salad, and pasta.

Whale Sharks

The main attraction for many visitors to Mafia, take a chance to see and snorkel with Whale sharks – the world’s largest fish at up to 20m long.

During the summer season, the Whale shark can be spotted swimming slowly close to the surface in the channel between Mafia and mainland Dar Es Salaam. Butiama Beach is in prime location, close to these gentle giants.

Once spotted, you calmly enter the water to snorkel alongside them. They can be shy so guests can look, but not touch. Mafia Island follows the “Code of Conduct” which is a set of guidelines used all over the World. Your guide will make you aware of these guidelines for safely interacting with these amazing creatures.

Available seasonally (usually November to March). Weather dependant.

Whale Watching

Humpback whales are one of the largest rorqual species; adults can grow up to 16 metres in length and weigh up to 36,000kg. They are found all over the world and can migrate up to 25,000km each year.

Catch the seasonal migration of Humpback Whales as they move between the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and the cooler feeding grounds of the Southern Ocean. They are magnificent creatures with surprising acrobatic moves! If you’re lucky, then you can see them breaching the water with a slap of the tail as they re-enter. Not to be missed!
Available seasonally (usually around July-September).

Weather dependant

Lighthouse Excursion

On the North Point of Mafia Island there is a light house that was originally erected by the Germans around the First World War. Although the lighthouse is not in a good condition for going up anymore, the views and landscape around it are still as beautiful as ever. Your guide will take you up to the area surrounding the lighthouse (around 2 hours by car/bajaji) where you can explore and take in the views. The next stop is Kanga beach, an endless white beach leading into the clear blue waters, where you can stop for a while, relax and have a swim. Your guide will set up your picnic and you can chill on the sandy white beach enjoying your lunch, before heading back.

Sunset Cruise

A popular choice for your romantic getaway… Head out on one of the traditional wooden dhows to experience the stunning sunset views from the sea. Your crew will raise the sail (wind permitting!) and you will have chance to sail leisurely around the area, taking in the views, whilst sipping sparkling wine and eating nibbles and watching the sun go down.